Metronome is a project to assemble the least technology needed to synchronize the most health stakeholders.

Metronome is:

  • A platform developed and operated openly and transparently with its own toughest critics so it can be trusted by everyone
  • Secure “middle-ware” that lets consumers collect and make sense of their own health data regardless of whose system generates it
  • Plain language and mutually beneficial data exchange between consumers, payers and providers
  • The tools to examine the data, privately compare it to others, and find evidence to drive their own better, more personalized and cheaper healthcare experience

Metronome will be developed publicly, with the needs of its users and the marketplace driving the entire process.

What ails healthcare isn’t technology, good intentions or money – it’s had lots of all three.

Instead, healthcare suffers from a lack of trust between stakeholders that prevents data and knowledge from being shared and acted on. If we want the system to succeed, all the stakeholders have to succeed, and this requires a radically different approach.

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